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Company Overview: DFE tech

Company Information
DFE tech
345 S. Bonner
WC Square
Tyler, TX 75701

Contact Information
Website: www.dfetech.org
Phone: 903-343-1278
Phone: 903-593-7104
Executive Contact: Michael Rowden
Sales Contact: Michael Rowden

DFE tech is a professional Career School approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission. DFE tech specializes in turning out professional engineers capable of handling drilling fluids of any type in any location. Focus is upon the technical as well as the practical aspect of actually running fluids proactively and effectively eliminating fluids challenge rather than the common, reactive checking and adjusting desired properties by the seat of the pants methods. Seminars are available for Operators and their Reps for learning the basic guidelines for monitoring their fluids management team(s). This is the foremost way to be certain your fluids are being managed correctly at any given time on your well. DFE tech trains professionals for fluid companies as well. Running proper fluids is best pictured as the practical application of fluid mathematics combined with a bit of common sense and look-ahead. Proper training produces engineers rather than mud checkers. DFE tech has the experience and the trained professionals to provide this training to our graduates and we take pride in offering a world class graduate to the Industry.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling Fluids Engineering Technology
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 3