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Company Overview: DPPS Company Limited

Company Information
DPPS Company Limited
2 1/2 South Trunk Road
La Romaine
San Fernando, 99999

Contact Information
Website: www.dppsco.com
Phone: 8686970303 / 8686815756
Phone: 868 653 1053
Executive Contact: Mr. Damien Carter
HR Contact: Mrs. Kathy-Ann Carter
Sales Contact: Mr. S. Khan
Investor Contact: Mr. Pollonais Carter

At the DPPS Group we are A Global Integrity Management Solutions Corporation. Driven by commitment, ethical conduct and fair play and are intent on providing solutions to our clients and customers in order to enhance their vision of achieving a greater and more holistic solution to their business needs with the Upstream and Downstream Industrial Sectors Our personnel are creative, flexible, committed and are able to think “out of the Box” for the development of sustainable solutions for today’s challenges. With over 40 years in the industrial sectors, at DPPS we understand what it takes to operate a successful organization – knowing the Why and to achieve the How? Our experience and capabilities allow us to circle almost every area of our clients needs. DPPS has strategically positioned itself and understand that organizations at some point need support and assistance. We Listen, not just hear, within the “noises” to understand your businesses needs.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: 868 697 0303
Ownership: Private