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Company Overview: 12Hoist4U

Company Information
Standerdmolen 8 unit 1.25
Houten, 3991 JS

Contact Information
Website: www.12hoist4u.com
Phone: +31-306342078
Phone: +31-306342079
Executive Contact: Peter Verhoef

12hoist4u specializes in staffing the market niche for hoisting & lifting, heavy lift and specialized transport with competent and experienced personnel. Our 12hoist4u professionals are well trained and motivated to securely and efficiently support our clients for short or longer periods of time. Our ambition and vision 12hoist4u’s ambition is to bring professionals and clients together all over the world. Our aim is to become one of the leaders in the niche market to which we are fully dedicated: hoisting, lifting, heavy lift and specialised transport. We aim to be the best, to stay the best, and to get even better every day.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Hoisting & Lifting Recruitment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 25