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Company Overview: Ingrain

Company Information
3733 Westheimer
2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77006

Contact Information
Website: www.ingrainrocks.com
Phone: 713 993 9795
Executive Contact: John Elmer

Ingrain has dramatically improved the measurement of rock properties and fluid flow in reservoir rocks with the implementation of patented computational technologies unlike any used in today’s oil and gas industry. Ingrain acquires the 3D grain and pore network of core and/or drill cuttings through micro scale computed tomography (CT scan) in order to compute physical properties of the rock-forming particles and pore space. Ingrain uses numerical calculations to determine porosity, relative permeability, elastic properties, as well as other physical parameters directly from the complex pore network. For exploration and key development wells, Ingrain’s precise computational techniques provide more timely permeability and rock property data from drill cuttings, providing key measurements for more informed well and field decisions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Reservoir Rock Properties Analysis
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 30