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Company Overview: PETROTECK

Company Information
DHA 1701, 14729 182nd Street
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

Contact Information
Website: www.petroteck.com/
Executive Contact: Troy Green
HR Contact: Stacy Rice
Sales Contact: Rubin Rosenberg
Investor Contact: Zhou Yun

PETROTECK is the leader in Digital, Fully Automated Smart Oil Well Pumping Systems (DPLCC) providing wireless Real-Time monitoring and communication between local or remote oil wells and command centers thru secure GSM/GPRS-Mobile telecommunications. Our systems represent the new generation of Digital Intelligized Automated Smart Oil Pumping Systems. Petroteck's artificial lift, Real-Time, Online-Fluid-Level integrity, Closed-Loop Automated Oil Well Pumping and Detection System is designed to: prevent well damage by optimizing oil well pumping in accordance with capacity and product quality, improve lifting efficiency and production while decreasing manpower, energy and operation costs. We provide technical training, consultation and support services for our technology. Our patented technology also includes specialized patented software designed to provide realtime information on well conditions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Realtime, Automated Oil/Gas Well Pumping Technology with GPS/GPRS/Satellite-Mobile Net Communication
Ownership: Public