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Company Overview: American Video Electronics Inc

Company Information
American Video Electronics Inc
3905 W. Diablo Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Contact Information
Website: www.aveitech.com
Phone: 702-374-1716
Phone: 702-313-2833
Executive Contact: Jim Garza

Avei Technologies supports the Oil & Gas Industry corporations with the most advanced Global Management Video Surveillance Command Center Systems that is 100% customized to their specific applications, user friendly while multitasking many different software applications into one software, utilizing patented hardware designs that will reduce if not eliminate down time for power supply, operating system or data hard drive component swap outs, dramatically reducing the time for human reaction to incidents, eliminating false alarm costs with a “No Blind Spot” surveillance capability, cutting costs budgeted for third party security monitoring, reallocating man power from manned positions replaced by cyber controlled entrances into higher priority locations, allowing a single command center the ability to manage all facility locations around the world, while having remote access by authorized users at multiple locations, improving profit margins while providing a greater service, utilizing new technology at a very affordable price.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Security & Asset Management Systems
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20