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Company Overview: SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports B.V.

Company Information
SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports B.V.
Hanzepoort 19C
Oldenzaal, 7575 DB

Contact Information
Website: www.scsheavy.com
Phone: +31-541-571455
Phone: +31-541571456

SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports provides tailor made heavy lifting and transport solutions. A customer driven company with Dutch roots serving customers in various markets around the world. An open mind and personal dedication have made SCS Heavy Lifts & Transports a trustworthy partner and team player that respect others’ interests. SCS is renowned for its full services. As the main contractor for the total chain SCS executes and manages all necessary load-outs and load-ins, transports over road, sea, railway or by air, and any lifting or positioning job that is required to deliver your equipment. We take care of all paperwork, logistics and subcontracting in order to secure an overall planning and deadlines. SCS’s global presence via regional and local establishments and representatives, is essential to accomplish integrated transport solutions that could include site moves, load ins and load outs, overseas transport by barge, heavy lift ships or sea going vessels.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Heavy lifts and transport, rigging
Ownership: Private