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Company Overview: LayeredRock Software

Company Information
LayeredRock Software
P.O. Box 203263
Austin, TX 78720

Contact Information
Website: www.layeredrock.com
Phone: 512-335-9372
Phone: 512-857-0116
Executive Contact: Tommy Fox

Economic Evaluation & Analysis Solutions Keeping your well and field E&D responsive to market events, pricing shifts, asset utilization and project changes is difficult when your planning process and tools cannot match the pace of change. LayeredRock’s Petranomics offers a more cost-effective way to create plans and analyze business uncertainties and unexpected events. To accurately manage each stage of your project's E&P planning process, businesses need a comprehensive set of dynamic modeling, analysis and decision tools. Find practical economic answers to hard petroleum project questions such as: • What happens to my profit cash flow as prices change or cost rise across a range of uncertainty? • When should I fracture? • What if the decline curve ranges differently than my nominal estimate? • When should I start the new well(s) to make my cash flow stay within bounds? • Should I sell the well or keep it and what does the plan look like under a number of upside and downside scenarios?

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Economic Evaluation & Analysis Software, Solutions, Services
Ownership: Private