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Company Overview: CeleritasWorks, LLC

Company Information
CeleritasWorks, LLC
7101 College Blvd
Suite 600
Overland Park, KS 66210

Contact Information
Website: www.theutilitysource.com
Phone: 913.491.9000
Phone: 913.663.1000
Executive Contact: Brett Lester
HR Contact: Doug Freeman
Sales Contact: Hal Bentley

CeleritasWorks, LLC is an innovator in the Damage Prevention, Public Safety and Pipeline Awareness arena. Serving the Oil and Gas, Electric Utility, Pipeline, Telecom, Municipal, and Cable industries for years, Celeritas prides itself on bringing proven and reliable technology-based solutions to everyday problems in the Damage Prevention, Public Awareness and Pipeline Integrity Awareness worlds. Using GIS technology, Celeritas' solutions allow you to more effectively and efficiently manage your assets and documentation, prevent damage, increase community awareness and public safety, and meet API RP 1162 compliance requirements.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline Safety
Ownership: Private