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Company Overview: PTS Tracking Systems, Inc

Company Information
PTS Tracking Systems, Inc
P.O. BOX 724
Greenville, SC 29601

Contact Information
Website: www.posi-stop.com
Phone: 864-787-0700
Phone: 864-242-0451
Executive Contact: Barry Nield

The Basic Posi-Stop is cost competitive with less reliable, coventional and mechanical crown and crown/floor protection systems. This cost effective system reduces the possiblilty of Operator error.The Posi-Stop system provides the Operator with a simple and effective means to set limits and provide critical floor and crown protection which will automatically overide unsafe operation due to Operator error. Posi-Stop versus Mechanical Systems: -Posi-Stop limit by-pass does not have the risk associated with failure to reset toggle -No down time required for system reset -No mechanical interface to cause error -Simple installation without requiring modification to drill rig

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Hoist Cable Safety and Control Devices
Ownership: Private