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Company Overview: Delta Hudson Engineering Ltd.

Company Information
Delta Hudson Engineering Ltd.
400S,8500 Macleod Tr. S
P.O Box 5244, Station A
Calgary, AB, T2H 2N7

Contact Information
Website: www.deltahudson.com

Delta Hudson is a Calgary-based engineering, procurement and construction management company serving energy industries worldwide. Our areas of specialization include sour gas treating,sulphur recovery, NGL recovery andfractionation, in situ heavy oilproduction and treating, and combined cycle power generation/ cogeneration. Delta Hudson represents approximately 10% of the energy industry engineering capacity in Calgary, Alberta, and has designed plants representing a significant volume of the province's gas processing capacity. Our full range of licensed and proprietary processes and technologies, together with our years of experience, make us an excellent choice for customers with a variety of needs and requirements.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineering
Ownership: Private