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Company Overview: Th. Wortelboer B.V.

Company Information
Th. Wortelboer B.V.
Sluisweg 9
P.O.Box 5
Malden, NL-6580 AA

Contact Information
Website: www.wortelboer.ws
Phone: +31-24-3586514
Phone: +31-24-3587079
Executive Contact: Norbert Wortelboer
Sales Contact: Vincent Dodemont

Th. Wortelboer B.V. started to manufacture the pipe-tube-end preparation machines in 1993 as there was a lack of these kind of pipe-end preparation machines as made by us. These machines have already proven their reliability as the machines are used daily at several smaller and bigger companies. It fills the gap between the portable machines and the high production machines (for pipe manuafcturers). At this moment, there is a complete series for working pipes from 1/2" - 24"(20 - 610 mm. o.d.). At the site, everything is introduced and explained for each model. The advantage of these kind of machines stay the production that can be reached with these machines. Also since 2002, we are the worldwide sales agency for WISCH portable pipe-end preparation machines that can bevel pipes very fast and economically. Besides the manufacturing of these machines, Th. Wortelboer B.V. has a complete line of machines and tools for the pipe and flange working business as well as several portable machine tools for repair works on site.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: sales of machines and tools
Ownership: Private