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Company Overview: Grayhawk Companies

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Grayhawk Companies
1740 N. Collins Blvd
Suite 200
Richardson, TX 75080

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Website: www.grayhawkins.com
Phone: 972-671-9105 x.201
Phone: 972-671-9804

Most insurance brokerages have become nothing more than peddlers of a specific good. They have lost their value, which is representation of their client during a crisis and being a third party consultant on eliminating unwanted risk. The energy industry is replete and plagued with disasters that have occurred from minor operator and mechanical neglect. In many of these cases, tragedy could have been avoided if the broker had trained and communicated as to what specific risks should have been avoided. These types of situations have caused a media and public outcry regarding the ethics and values of companies that exist in and around the production of energy. Grayhawk is a very unique firm that represents just fewer than 100 clients in the Southwest. We limit our growth based upon a simple principle of being readily available when you have a crisis. We are a collection of companies that provide financial and risk management services in addition to the placement of insurance. Each company or subsidiary was designed to create exact solutions for your business and is dedicated to helping our clients maintain financial integrity. Here is a brief overview. Grayhawk Special Risk Services is our third party safety, loss prevention and claim investigation company. We are highly educated, experienced and conform to all safety requirements of our clients. Well Site Safety, OSHA training, Hazardous Material Training, Driver Safety Simulation and Safety Manual creation are some of the services that our clients utilize. Grayhawk Risk Management is our commercial insurance brokerage company that places all commercial insurance needs such as GL, Comp, Commercial Auto, Umbrella and Inland Marine. Grayhawk Financial Services is our Human Resource and Employee Benefit Company that provides many HR related services to our clientele. These services range from Employee Leasing, Payroll and Pre Employment Verification.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Risk Mangment, Safety, Commercial Insurance
Ownership: Private