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Company Overview: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB)

Company Information
Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB)
3555 N.W. 58th
Suite 430
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Contact Information
Website: www.oerb.com
Phone: 405-942-5323
Phone: 405-942-3435
Executive Contact: Mike Terry-Exec. Director
Sales Contact: Mindy Stitt-Assist Director

The OERB is a state agency that uses private funding from an assessment on oil and gas sales of 1/10th of 1% to fund environmental and educational programs. The funding is considered voluntary because contributors can ask for a refund of their contributions each year. Fifty percent of the contributions are used to environmentally restore orphaned and abondoned oilfield sites. As of June, 2000 more than 1800 sites have been cleaned up and additional sites are being restored at a rate of 500-600 per year. OERB has educational programs for students at any grade level that teach basic principles about the oil & gas industry and a professionally developed advertising campaign for adults. OERB's safety program for students has gained national attention and is being used in Ohio and Illinois.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Environmental restoration and education
Ownership: Government
Number of Employees: 7