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Company Overview: L.J.R. Pumps & Parts

Company Information
L.J.R. Pumps & Parts
1660 Townhurst Ste. A
Houston, TX 77043

Contact Information
Website: www.ljrpumps.com
Phone: 713-397-0082
Phone: 713-647-8233

L.J.R. is the O.E.M. distributer of E.W.S. 440 (Ellis Williams Style) Well Service Pumps. L.J.R. is your one stop shop for O.E.M. parts for the Ellis Williams Style 440. Fluid end expendables for the E.W.S. 440 are in stock. Whether if it is hard to find seals and gaskets or O.E.M. piston rods and piston rod clamps, we have got what you need. Any part for a E.W.S. 440 that you need we can provide it.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: 713-397-0082
Ownership: Private