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Company Overview: Seraphin Test Measure - The Proven Prover

Company Information
Seraphin Test Measure - The Proven Prover
30 Indel Ave
Rancocas, NJ 08073

Contact Information
Website: www.seraphinusa.com
Phone: 1-609-267-0922
Phone: 1-609-261-2546
Sales Contact: Jack Nowicki

Volumetric Field Standard Test Measures and Open Tank Provers for the calibration of liquid petroleum meters and the water-draw calibration of displacement type provers.Built to specifications and tolerances established in NIST Handbook 105-3, Seraphin measures are designed to ensure there is no chance for air entrapment, as well as providing a complete and consistant drain. Accuracy and repeatability are the keys to our measurement success. Since 1915, Seraphin has been the leader in this important field of measurement standards. Our documented quality and attention to detail has been acknowledged in the petroleum industry, worldwide. We offer standard measures, provers and mobile proving systems designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. Today, as always, Seraphin stands ready to meet your special needs, large or small. We readily accept your creative challenge.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacturing and Fabrication
Ownership: Private