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Company Overview: DSIT

Company Information
11 Ben Gurion St.
Givat Shmuel, 54017

Contact Information
Website: dsit.co.il
Phone: +972-3-531-9381
Phone: +972-3-531-3322

DSIT offers a full range of sonar and acoustic-related solutions to the energy, defense, commercial and homeland security markets. The Company is also a globally-oriented high tech company with top-tier development capabilities in the areas of Real-Time and Embedded systems. We are a company with dual lines of development that work together, supporting and enhancing each other. Through our expertise and knowledge in the field of sonar and acousticswe create solutions designed to protect the fossil fuel supply chain, as well as to answer the needs of navies and commercial customers in the areas of defense and training. In the area of Real-Time software development we build on our strong experience in Command, Control and Communications systems to provide top tier development solutions.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Underwater site security
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 70