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Company Overview: American Lewa

Company Information
American Lewa
132 Hoppinbrook Rd
Holliston, MA 01746

Contact Information
Website: www.americanlewa.com
Phone: 508-429-7403
Phone: 508-429-8615
Executive Contact: Bob Botting
Sales Contact: Rudy Rossner

American Lewa is a world leader in process and metering pumps. When your application is demanding a zero leakage, zero fugitive emmissions, to handle difficult process fluids. Lewa is the Pump of Choice for reactive, volatile, corrisive, abbrasive, flammable, hazzardous, process fluids. Or when precision volumetric delivery is important. American Lewa has enjoyed and is proud or our Off-shore installations. A simple inquiry will get you our most recent examples.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Process/Metering Pumps, and Systems
Ownership: Private