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Company Overview: Bilco Group and Supply Corp

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Bilco Group and Supply Corp
1285 Central Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205

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Website: www.bilcogroup.com

Bilco Wire specializes in Wire rope. Bilco has 6X25 wire rope.6X36 wire rope, galvanized wire rope and stainless steel wire rope. They also carry specialized wire rope. 19X19 and compact 6 strand wire rope. Bilco can handle all your needs in wire rope. Bilco manufactures wire rope slings. The wire rope slings are up to 2” in diameter. As the manufacturer they can be the most competitive in price and delivery. Aircraft cable is an important part of Bilco’s business. They carry 7X7 Aircraft cable and 7X19 Aircraft cable. They carry both galvanized and stainless steel aircraft cable. With the many applications for aircraft cable call us for your special and custom needs. Bilco can also handle all your chain needs. We specialize in high-test grade chains, High tensile transport grade, proof coil grade, stud link anchor chains, Alloy steel grade, grade 30 proof coil chain pall packs, Tenso Chains, Tenso special well chains, lock link chains, jack chains, pump chains, sash chains, plumbers chains, double jack chains, decor chains, Endwelded chains, and many replacement chain links. The replacement links are Simple, foolproof and easy to install. Integral rivets join the two halves-matched lugs distribute the load. Less expensive and stronger than welding. Safer than cold shuts or cast links. For use with proof coil and BBB chain. Meets or exceeds Federal Specifications RR-C-271a Type II. Replacement links having larger inside dimensions making it easier to attach hooks or other fittings to the chain. Bilco carries a full line of anchor shackles screw pin anchor shackles, screw pin anchor shackles. ABS certified galvanized towing shackles, bolt anchor shackles, mushroom anchors and many other types of anchor shackles. We also carry a full line of Chinese fingers (Kellems grips) cargo securing equipment and cutting and swage tools. Please see our online catalog to see our full line.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Supplies
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 1000