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Company Overview: D. L. Goins & Associates, Inc.

Company Information
D. L. Goins & Associates, Inc.
5404 S Memorial
Suite D
Tulsa, OK 74014

Contact Information
Website: www.dlgoins.com
Phone: 918-610-7747
Phone: 918-610-7757
Executive Contact: Dennis Goins
Investor Contact: Skip Honeyman

D.L. Goins & Associates provides your company with professional, confidential services on an "as needed" contract basis that range from selecting initial drill sites to putting products down the line.

Simply give us the legal description of your prospect/project area and we will research all the available geological and geophysical data to prepare structure and isopach maps, cross sections and review offset or analog reservoir production histories. This information will then be used to determine the best possible location to drill.

Drilling and completion of the well and installation of production can then be done on a turnkey or day work fee basis.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Petroleum geology and engineering consulting
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 12