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Company Overview: PortVision

Company Information
723 Main St #1004
Houston, TX 77002

Contact Information
Website: www.portvision.com
Phone: 1.713.337.3737
Phone: 1.713.337.3740
Sales Contact: Jason Tieman
Investor Contact: Mike Lindmark

PortVision provides enhanced knowledge and transparency for maritime activities within ports, inland waterways, and oceans. The award-winning PortVision platform provides a variety of enterprise capabilities for optimizing business process at marine terminals, fleets, and related maritime operations. It leverages the company’s Web-based PortVision Advantage service, which provides AIS and satellite data for real-time visualization and historical reporting through a data warehouse encompassing more than 15 billion daily vessel track movements. The service processes and analyzes over 40 million vessel movements each day, and can be configured to automatically alert users when events of interest occur. Additionally, historical playback and reporting can be used to increase safety, security, efficiency, and market intelligence. PortVision subscribers include all major oil companies, large and small marine service companies, terminals, fleet owners, port authorities, and government agencies.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Web based vessel and RIG tracking and locator service
Ownership: Private