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Company Overview: GSEC Enterprises

Company Information
GSEC Enterprises
Rural Enterprise Centre
Hereford, hr2 6fe

Contact Information
Website: www.gsec-ent.com
Phone: +44 (0)1432 373633
Phone: +44 (0)1432 373655
Executive Contact: darron

We have significant experience in global and regional operations. Whether it is from Start-Up activities to steady-state operations we will provide a safe, secure and hospitable environment from which business can be conducted. GSEC can aid organisations through a variety of professional services that are as applicable to remote area operations (Seismic Survey) as they are to commercial office activities. Pathfinding, medical services, driver/vehicle selection or country reports are all services that are available to clients in our portfolio. We have considerable experience and background in security planning, training and provision of services. Executive security, manned guarding or security surveys and many more security related services are provided by GSEC to the highest standards of the industry. GSEC provides a range of varied services in training needs. The modern day client may have need for training services that are diverse in nature such as Human Rights to Health, Safety and Environmental to Driver training or First Aid training to name but a few. GSEC has the experience, knowledge and the ability to deliver high value training needs to its clients. We can provide our clients a complete information service at local, national or regional level, for ongoing or prospective operations and projects. Any information is good information but is it relevant information? We aspire to provide our clients with accurate and relevant information that identifies the risks and offers mitigations for conducting business or operations at all levels. GSEC understands the value of reputation in the business world and recognises the need to promote and protect this with a client. We aim to provide a global service to our clients, drawing from our vast knowledge and experience of global operations. We can provide our clients with virtually all their needs to allow them to concentrate on their Core business.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: security
Ownership: Private