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Company Overview: Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.

Company Information
Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.
11777 Katy Freeway
Suite 156
Houston, TX 77079

Contact Information
Website: waveimagingtechnology.com
Phone: 281-556-5980
Executive Contact: Morgan Brown

Wave Imaging Technology (WIT) Inc. is a cutting-edge seismic processing company specializing in prestack depth migration (PSDM). From our offices in Houston and Denver, our expert staff applies proprietary technology on a powerful Linux cluster to service contracts from around the world. With our JV partners we can deliver "cradle to grave" seismic processing services. Since 2008, WIT has worked with more than 30 worldwide clients. We've depth processed over 1,500 sq mi of 3D data (plus 200 mi of 2D data) from 15 geologic basins and performed six 3D survey simulations. We offer three product lines: WIT Depth (Anisotropic RTM and WEM; Wave-equation velocity;WEM/RTM angle gathers; Tied to all well control), WIT Angle (Gather conditioning; AVA amplitude calibration; Fracture analysis; Using WEM/RTM gathers), and WIT Sim (Model VTI/HTI/TTI shots; Which shot geometry? Is salt flank visible? Sufficient offset?)

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Seismic depth imaging
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 7