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Company Overview: KenBay Corporation

Company Information
KenBay Corporation
PO Box 242
Mendham, NJ 07945

Contact Information
Website: www.kenbay.com
Phone: 973-543-3200
Phone: 973-543-7606
Executive Contact: Don Meis
Sales Contact: Chris Meis

KenBay manufactures a unique waste handling system specifically designed for use on offshore installations, onboard ships, oil rigs, tankers, trawlers, and various other offshore service vessels. Our stainless steel Clydesdale Marine Onboard/Offshore Compactors are designed to withstand the most punishing marine conditions. From the Port of Dubai to Trinidad, from Moscow, Russia to the Gulf of Mexico, the KenBay Clydesdale Compactor is the ideal onboard/offshore waste solution. With low operating costs the Clydesdale Marine handling system uses rotary arm technology to efficiently compact various types of waste into a sealable and storable polyethylene bag.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Marine Waste Compactors
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 3