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Company Overview: Teknokraft Asia Group

Company Information
Teknokraft Asia Group
Cilandak Commerical Estate
Building 111NGW
Jakarta Selatan, 12075

Contact Information
Website: www.teknokraft.com
Phone: +62811968435
Phone: +62217808016
Executive Contact: Trisna Sumaryanta
Sales Contact: Ali Faizin
Investor Contact: Martha Fonda

Teknokraft is a maintenance workshop for Rotating Equipment. We focus on specialized Thermal Spray coatings. These coatings are used to rebuild and protect metal components from friction and erosion wear, thereby extending the useful service life. The Thermal Spray processes we use are the same technology as used to protect Gas Turbines and Jet Engines from wear. Our Coatings include: Coating Typical Application Benefits Industries Ceramic on Stainless Steel Pump Sleeves, Pump Shafts 10 times the service life of Steel, resists fine particle abrasion Water pump, chemical pump, Boiler pump Tungsten Carbide Pump Sleeves, Plungers 12 times the service life of Steel, resists course particle abrasion, friction, erosion Extra Heavy Duty pump sleeves, critical applications Tungsten Carbide Plasma, Super hard metallurgically bonded, and approved by BHI, PTA 65% Macrocrystalline Tungsten Carbide Stabilizers redressed Long service life compared to Brazed Tungsten, excellent for fine or course abrasion, proven technology. Oil, Geothermal drilling tools HVOF Chrome Carbide-Nickel Chrome Jars, Mandrels, Mud Motors, Drive shafts Achieve hard, thick coatings where chrome plating cannot be used for repair. Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Workshop Engineering Services for Repair
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50