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Company Overview: RSI Simcon

Company Information
RSI Simcon
Parc Technologique de Pre Milliet
Montbonnot, 38100

Contact Information
Website: www.simulationrsi.net
Phone: 33 (0)4 76 52 58 23
Phone: 33 (0)4 76 52 28 93
Executive Contact: Philippe Vacher

RSI Simcon is 300+ full-scope high-fidelity dynamic simulators for:
  • Operator Training Simulator (OTS),
  • Detailed Engineering Simulator (DES)
RSI Simcon is a continuous commitment to provide solutions to a wide range of processes:
  • Onshore/Offshore Oil & Gas Industry: from Wellheads to Export,
  • LNG Supply Chain: Liquefaction Plants, LNG carriers, LNG terminals,
  • Oil Refining: Crude Distillation, Gas Plant, Naphtha & Middle Distillates Processing, Conversion of Residues and Heavy Feeds, Production of Olefins and Aromatics,
  • Petrochemicals: Steam crackers, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Methanol, Urea, Aromatics complex,
  • Coal liquefaction,
  • Energy, Water & Environment Processing)
RSI Simcon uses INDISS™ - its proprietary high-fidelity simulation platform, including robust process, control and thermodynamic libraries- to develop the Dynamic High Fidelity Simulation Model representing all required process transients and supported all kind of operating situations including start-up, shut-down and emergency.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: High-Fidelity Dynamic Simulation Solutions
Ownership: Private