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Company Overview: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

Company Information
Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.
3531 78 Avenue S.E.
Calgary / Alberta, T2C 1J7

Contact Information
Website: www.mostardirectional.com
Phone: 403-279-5577
Phone: 403-236-7598
Executive Contact: John Petrovic
HR Contact: Joe Manalac
Sales Contact: John Petrovic
Investor Contact: Jill Petrovic

Mostar is an MWD and directional drilling company with competitive advantages that are unmatched. We employ a fresh approach to doing business. With better pay. And when you understand how we work, it’s simple. We see more efficient and innovative ways to make things happen. And to us, it just makes sense. We’ve made great gains in the industry, have developed some groundbreaking new technology, and are set for even further growth. Be part of a unique collaborative environment and get involved at a deeper level. Mostar - How it should be done.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Directional Drilling and MWD
Ownership: Private