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Company Overview: GCC Inc

Company Information
4725 S Monaco St, Ste 360
Denver, CO 80237

Contact Information
Website: www.gccinc.us
Phone: 303-400-4300
Phone: 303-400-4301
Executive Contact: Wayne R.Sartori
HR Contact: Tammy K. Cruz
Sales Contact: Wayne R. Sartori

Similar to BASF,GCC does not manufacture products, rather we provide the expertise that allows our clients' compressors and compressor systems to perform better. GCC, with the help of our partners, provides an unbiased optimization of planned and existing compression facilities. GCC does not supply all the parts and pieces to make a compressor facility run at 99% efficiency. Instead, we manage the process, with the participation of our service suppliers, to insure the highest degree of success and productivity of our clients' compression.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Gas Compressor Consulting & Management
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 8