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Company Overview: Australian Crustal Research Centre

Company Information
Australian Crustal Research Centre
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton VIC, 3800

Contact Information
Website: www.virtualexplorer.com.au
Phone: 61 3 9905 5774
Phone: 61 3 9905 5062
Executive Contact: Professor Gordon S. Lister
HR Contact: Meaghan McDougall

The Virtual Explorer was developed by Australian Crustal Research Centre at Monash University, to provide geological research for the exploration industry. Subscription to the Virtual Explorer allows access to the electronic Journal, to extensive geological databases and to research material such as reviews on exploration models, orebodies and ore genesis. A quarterly CD-ROM of information held on the Virtual Explorer will be sent out to each member as part of their annual subscription fee. Contributions to the journal are always welcome. Your contribution can be in the form of a scientific article or a review of an orebody. All contributions will be reviewed by the Virtual Explorer Editorial Board.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Research, Consultation
Ownership: Government
Number of Employees: 20