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Company Overview: Teledyne RD Instruments

Company Information
Teledyne RD Instruments
9855 Businesspark Ave
San Diego, CA 92131

Contact Information
Website: www.rdinstruments.com
Phone: 858-842-2600

Discover RD Instruments Acoustic Doppler Solutions: RD Instruments Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) are the worldwide de-facto standard for profiling water currents. High quality RDI ADCPs are widely used: - In Oil and Gas. - In large-feature oceanographic research and climate studies. - In coastal areas for engineering, port management and environmental work. - In rivers for discharge, scour, and riverbed topography. RDI pioneered ADCP technology 20 years ago and continues to innovate, providing the broadest variety of features and instrument ranges available, through the largest representative network. RDI products are supported by the world’s most experienced service staff.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Marine instrumentation
Ownership: Private