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Company Overview: 4RF Communications Limited

Company Information
4RF Communications Limited
Innovate Office
Lake View Drive
Sherwood Park, NG15 0DA

Contact Information
Website: www.4rf.com
Executive Contact: Ian Troughton
Sales Contact: Trevor Gordon

4RF Communications is the premier global supplier of high performance long distance point-to-point radio systems. Our innovative Aprisa product line is used to link distances > 50 kilometres and deliver data capacities up to 65 Mbit/s. Our radio system operates in sub 3 GHz licensed frequency bands making our solution ideal for secure, robust, high availability connections to remote locations and offshore oil and gas platforms. Our flexible future-proof design means we can support new IP based applications as well as traditional voice and data services in a single easy to deploy platform. Deployed in more than 90 countries, our customers choose us for quality, for longer links, for higher capacity, for the ability to seamlessly connect to any network and as a cost effective alternative to satellite and cable based communication alternatives.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Point to Point Radio Communications
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 70