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Company Overview: Centrx Inc

Company Information
Centrx Inc
1544 Oakland Ave.
Indiana, PA 15701

Contact Information
Website: www.centrxinc.com
Phone: 800-569-9023
Phone: 724-726-0514

Many of the products we produce are typically used in these keynote industries: * High Power Electronics * Oil Well and Gas Well Fields * Electrical Power Supply * Mining * Electrical Power Conditioning The majority of products manufactured by Centrx, Inc. are for OEM accounts, often as a part or component in an assembly and usually ultimately bearing the OEM Manufacturer's name. Regardless, Centrx, Inc. is responsible for design, specifications, engineering and effective manufacturing. Since many of the products we produce are intended for specific OEM's and therefore 'proprietary', no information on such commodities is available on this site. Our products are specified by engineers world-wide because they are 'space-saving', smaller 'foot-print', weight reduced, and more cost effective - all highly sought characteristics in today's 'more performance in a smaller package' world. Many Centrx, Inc. products are patented thereby claiming 'worthiness' for novel and unique idea, design, capacity and capability. Centrx, Inc's technical and manufacturing groups are comprised of experienced individuals using advanced technology to produce products and to continue pioneering advancements in the energy products fields and industries. Centrx, Inc. also has a watchful 'green' eye, striving to promote product designs that make good environmental sense and to produce such products with approved ecological practices too. Be sure to keep an eye on us - we've only just begun to develop products for the energy drilling industries. These are parts and products we distribute and just the start of industry specific offerings to come. If you have an 'energy product' production requirement, be it simply in the 'dreaming' state, or completely designed and seeking a manufacturer, contact Centrx, Inc. Let us come to work for you!

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Energy Products, Manufacturing and Fabrication
Ownership: Private