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Company Overview: Hydro Drilling International SpA

Company Information
Hydro Drilling International SpA
Via Trieste 206
Ravenna, 48100

Contact Information
Website: www.hydrodrilling.com
Phone: +39 0544 424011
Executive Contact: Giuseppe Petrone

HYDRO DRILLING INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. is a joint stock company, founded on 1976 for drilling wells for water, geothermal and liquid/gaseous hydrocarbons research. Since 1980 the prevailing activity has been constituted by drilling for the research of liquid/gaseous hydrocarbons. From September 1993 the company has undertaken also "off shore" workover - drilling works in the Adriatic Sea, operating with the packaging Fast Moving Workover "Adriatic Rig 1". At present the company owns 4 drilling rigs "on shore", with different characteristics, capable to reach depths up to 12.000 Ft. HYDRO DRILLING INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. is included in major oil Companies Vendor's List HYDRO DRILLING INTERNATIONAL S.p.A. has implemented a Quality Assurance System complying with the ISO 9002 and, at present, operates with a work power of more than 120 people constituted by geologists, engineers and skilled field personnel.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling operations
Ownership: Private