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Company Overview: Seastem-Marine Technologies

Company Information
Seastem-Marine Technologies
POB 7488
Haifa, 31074

Contact Information
Website: www.seastem-marine.com

Company Activity SeaStem is active in 2 main areas of operation: 1.The Marine area 2. The Security field In the marine security area the main line of activity resulted from the legal requirement to comply with the rules and regulations of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code - A total solution from A to Z of all security needs from the simplest tasks to the most comprehensive operation of a ship and port protecting scheme - Implementation of security plans in the vessel/port, including supply of all necessary equipment, construction works involved, integration of all equipment and needed systems, training of personnel and or follow up or performance of all security tasks for and on behalf of our clients - Performing initial and or comprehensive risk surveys and security assessments - Preparation of security plans to minimize risks and action plans - Supply of various types of equipment in the field of marine security In the marine area the main lines of activity are: - Perform R & D - Research & technical developments in shipping and transportation - Turn and implement the R&D activities to business opportunities - Provide technical services and backup for the developed projects - Provide technical services for the shipping industry in ship sign, conversions, modifications, and shipbuilding etc Provide consultancy services to the shipping community worldwide - Supply of various types of equipment for ships

Quick Facts

Line of Business: General Security & Marine Consultancy
Ownership: Private