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Company Overview: SEMI Conduits Co., Ltd.

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SEMI Conduits Co., Ltd.
sh, 216000

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Website: www.semiconduits.com

SEMI specializes in manufacturing the highest quality Electrical Flexible Conduits and Fittings to the worldwide market, mainly including: * Water resistant, EXplosion proof flexible metallic conduit; * Liquid-tight, braided flexible metallic conduits (with Nylon cord, PVC or copper wire packing) * Braided Teflon hose * Liquid-tight flexible metallic conduits * Flexible metallic conduit * Oil resistant, EXplosion proof flexible conduit * Complementary fittings and other accessories. Our flexible conduits systems are used extensively in machineries, chemical industries, automobile industries, and shipping & transportation industries. Maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new product requirements and higher quality standards, we are committed to providing customers with the very best quality electrical flexible conduits systems.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Electrical flexible conduits,fittings
Ownership: Private