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houston, TX 77058

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Website: www.efsius.com
Phone: 832-858-8445
Phone: 281-480-2851
Executive Contact: Shane Helms

The Composite wrap is designed to provide the end user with a low cost, long term, flexible alternative to pipe clamps or pipe replacement. The system is based on the use of carbon composites for the internal and external repair of pipes and tanks. The composites are made using high strength carbon fabrics with the matrix filled with specialty high strength epoxies. They have excellent properties for bonding to almost any surface and in adverse conditions including low temperatures, high temperatures, and even under water. The standard system is designed for use on lines of at least 150 psig and a minimum safety factor of 2:1 and have been tested successfully and repeatedly to pressures of 300 psig and higher and have reached pressures as high as 950 psig without failure. This is not to say that we recommend the standard kit for such high pressures, but note that these types of results are not uncommonly possible.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipe Maintenance and Repair
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 180