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Company Overview: LYYN Enhancement Technology

Company Information
LYYN Enhancement Technology
Ideon Science Park
Lund, S- 223 70

Contact Information
Website: www.lyyn.com
Phone: +46462865790
Phone: +46462865799
Executive Contact: Bengt Sahlberg
Sales Contact: Bengt Sahlberg
Investor Contact: Bengt Sahlberg

LYYN is a Swedish product company working on real-time video enhancement to improve visibility in various applications. Many years of research in the human vision system and imaging technologies lie behind the company’s technology. LYYN offers products and solutions based on the V.E.T. – Visibility Enhancement Technology – platform. The technology can be applied to both still and video images from most color cameras, in real time and for post processing of previously collected material. V.E.T. improves visibility in many situations, for example, fog, haze, snow, rain, dust, darkness, etc., as well as in underwater and medical applications. For examples please visit our website: www.lyyn.com. Background The LYYN® technology is a result of research in the human vision system. By enhancing image components that enhance human interpretation capabilities, more image data is used by the brains pattern recognition systems. The effect is that we see more features through many visual disturbances. How to implement LYYN® LYYN manufactures hardware products for both end-users and product manufacturers/system integrators. All LYYN products are designed with some key words in mind: • Simplicity and ease of use • Turn-key & plug-n-play in existing systems • End user value for money It is a proven technology with over 700 users world-wide.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Video Technology
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: AktieTorge
Stock Ticker: LYYN
Number of Employees: 4