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Company Overview: KaiDa Technology Limited

Company Information
KaiDa Technology Limited
145-157 St John Street
London, EC1V 4PY

Contact Information
Website: www.kaida.co.uk
Phone: 44 7812 641832
Phone: 44 870 1290836

KaiDa Technology Limited is the European operation of KaiDa Chemicals which is a leading chemical company in China specialized in catalyst technology related to precious group metals including platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium. We supply a wide ranges of catalysts and compounds based on precious metal and activated titanium anodes with MMO coating. KaiDa Chemical has continued to develop its technology for almost 10 years together with its low cost manufacturing operations in China, quickly establishing itself into a company which can offer customers advanced technology with very competitive value. Our solutions have been selected by many leading companies in China and worldwide. The driving force for KaiDa's success is our continuous effort for improving the our products quality and putting customer's satisfaction the top priority. Our mission is to gain our customer's trust rather than profit.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: precious metal catalysts, titanium anode
Ownership: Private