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Company Overview: Thermsol, LLC

Company Information
Thermsol, LLC
702 Old Underwood Rd.
Suite B
La Porte, TX 77365-3122

Contact Information
Website: www.thermsol.com
Phone: 281-571-2896
Phone: 832-442-3183
Executive Contact: Marvin T. Parker, Chairman
HR Contact: Robert C. Langston
Sales Contact: Robert C. Langston
Investor Contact: Robert C. Langston

THERMSOL,LLC is a company formed for the manufacturing and marketing of production procsses; especially, designed to control the deposition of paraffin wax from the perforations to the refinery. The crude oil is produced from the reservoir using a standard gas lift system and in conjunction with the THERMSOL equipment the pour point is irreversibly reduced to a pre-determined level on a continuous basis. We also have other systems which function with other artificial lift systems and give the same end results. In conjunction with this we have services to clean the wax from the near wellbore region of the reservoir plus clean the radial flow channels if necessary. We estimate that we can enhance the production by at least 25% where paraffin wax is causing the production problem.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacturing and Marketing
Ownership: Private
Stock Exchang: none
Stock Ticker: none
Number of Employees: 6