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Company Overview: Interneer Intellect

Company Information
Interneer Intellect
PO Box 24646
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Contact Information
Website: www.interneer.com
Phone: (800) 558-6832
Phone: (866) 622-7122
Executive Contact: Andrew Young
HR Contact: Matt Bowen
Sales Contact: Lawrence Calmus
Investor Contact: Romeo Elias

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Interneer delivers an enterprise platform for managing workflow, projects, data and business processes for the oil and gas industry. Interneer provides world class productivity technology with minimal cost of ownership. Interneer’s sole product is Intellect, an extremely flexible and user-friendly project process management system. Intellect is the most customer-configurable, rapidly deployed system available on the market today.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Project Management Software
Ownership: Private