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Company Overview: A&E Systems Ltd

Company Information
A&E Systems Ltd
3 Charles wood road
Rash's Green
Dereham, NR19 1SX

Contact Information
Website: www.ae-sys.com
Phone: 44 (0) 1362 694915
Phone: 44 (0) 1362 695350
Executive Contact: Tim Davison
Sales Contact: Cathy Frost

The A&E Group manufactures and supplies Alocit and Enviropeel products, providing a unique range of environmentally friendly anti-corrosion systems. The Alocit 28 Series range of two-pack, zero-VOC, epoxy coatings is well known for its ease of use and durability whilst Enviropeel, a sprayable and re-usable thermoplastic barrier coating system, is revolutionising corrosion protection with its ability to protect complex bolted systems such as flanges. Alocit hard-wearing anti-corrosion coatings Alocit coatings are specifically engineered to maximise adhesion in the most challenging conditions, adhering strongly even when applied underwater, in splash zones, or on to damp, sweating or oily steel and concrete. The solvent-free Alocit 28 Series has an excellent track record for durability, corrosion protection and chemical resistance – with no heavy metals and none of the environmental hazards from volatile organic compounds VOCs that are created by solvent-based products. Alocit coatings have a record of successful applications going back over 30 years – with case histories and testimonials that show coatings applied in 1968 still intact, despite a lifetime of exposure to harmful waste products. Enviropeel is a sprayable thermoplastic anti-corrosion coating Enviropeel uses a sprayable, re-usable and recyclable thermoplastic in a revolutionary new barrier coating system that can be applied to objects of any size or shape, with the proven ability to withstand years of exposure in harsh environments. Its tough, rubbery cocoon contains deep-penetrating corrosion inhibitors providing both active and passive protection against atmospheric and galvanic corrosion, especially in hot-spot areas like flanges, valves and risers. The A&E Group has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, and wholly owned subsidiaries in the UK, Australia and the USA.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: High Performance Coatings
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 6