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Company Overview: Petrotie Sdn Bhd

Company Information
Petrotie Sdn Bhd
PO Box 6121
Pudu 55710
Kuala Lumpur, 55710

Contact Information
Website: www.petrotie.com
Phone: +603-27111-002
Phone: +603-27111-023
Executive Contact: Gary Bennett

Despite the fact that there are abundant opportunities for the supply of quality products to the oil & gas industries in the Asia Pacific Region, and despite the fact that there are numerous European & American companies supplying their products very successfully in their home markets, a significantly high proportion of these companies are unable to successfully sell / export these products to the oil & gas industries in the Asia Pacific Region. Petrotie has tied together and developed a highly efficient network of companies & individuals throughout the region whose skills, expertise, and drive are focused toward ensuring client products and services are successfully brought to market. Petrotie is a market entry specialist offering your company the opportunity to gain market entry of your products and services to the oil & gas markets within the Asia Pacific Region. The Petrotie network comprises individuals who have held positions at all levels of the supply chain to the oil & gas industry in the region from Operator to Fabricator to Specifier to Manufacturer to Contractor. This level of expertise and understanding of the market enables Petrotie to efficiently ensure the most appropriate means of bringing your products and services to market.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Market Entry Solutions to the Asia Pacific REgion for Oil & Gas Proudct & Services Companies
Ownership: Private