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Company Overview: Dehn (U.K.) Ltd

Company Information
Dehn (U.K.) Ltd
Unit N8B Meltham Mills Industrial Estate
Holmfirth, HD9 4AF

Contact Information
Website: www.dehn.co.uk
Phone: 01484 859 111
Phone: 01484 859 222
Executive Contact: ian johnson

Process plants like refineries, oil, gas and product pipelines, belong to the largest and most sophisticated building structures. They form the lifelines for regions and entire countries. Reliability, quality and efficiency are important factors for the oil and gas industry to establish themselves on the market. Therefore the safe operation of all electrical and electronic installations and systems is the most important condition. Due to the large size, location and construction and the use of modern measuring and control technology, the reliability of these installations is threatened by surges due to lightning or switching operations. The repair costs for replacing damaged systems are considerably higher than the costs of installing surge protection systems, not to mention the revenue lost due to operational downtime. Decades of experience as well as intensive research by DEHN + SÖHNE have led to the development of protection solutions. This allows a substantial reduction of lightning damage at insulating pipe flanges, CP installations and control rooms. More importantly, consequential production failures and operational downtime due to lightning are reduced to a minimum.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: lightning and surge protection
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 800