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Company Overview: Katch Kan

Company Information
Katch Kan
8210 McIntyre Road
Edmonton, T6E 5C4

Contact Information
Website: www.katchkan.com
Phone: 780.414.6083
Phone: 780.414.6084
Executive Contact: Julie Schimke
Sales Contact: Will Everts

In response to industry challenges and increasing needs, Katch Kan emerged with the objective of optimizing rig performance, increasing personnel safety, and ensuring sustainable development within the upstream oil and gas industry. With these goals in mind, the company engineered both the Rig Safety System and Zero Spill System. Today, these two systems responsibly reduce strain, sprain, and crush injuries, occurring to personnel on the work-floor (especially those new to the industry), while also providing oil companies and contractors with a means to minimize or eliminate on-site pollution. Katch Kan is an ISO 9001, 14001, and COR certified company, driven to provide high-quality standardized results through its practices; now operating in over 52 countries worldwide. No other company in the world functions under the same model, nor provides rig safety and zero spill technology as effectively. Shortly put, Katch Kan arms oil companies, and their associated contractors, with performance, safety, and environmental advantages.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Rig Safety & Environmental Technology
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 40