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Company Overview: Silverwing Middle East LLC

Company Information
Silverwing Middle East LLC
P.O. Box 75950
Al Qouz Industrial Area
Dubai, P.O. Box 75950

Contact Information
Website: www.silverwingme.com
Phone: +971 4 338 0811
Phone: +971 50 553 3192

Silverwing Middle East is a provider of specialist inspection services concentrating on above ground storage tank (AST) and associated pipe work systems. The Company offers a comprehensive range of inspection services from our operational base in United Arab Emirates comprising: a) In-service Acoustic Emission testing to identify potential defects as well as prioritise the order in which tanks should be taken out of service for statutory maintenance inspection. b) Out of service MFL floor scanning using the latest unique technology driven generation FloormapVS mapping system and Handscan unit for inaccessible areas. c) Remote access UT corrosion surveys on tank walls using the ScanmapVS remote access crawler and the LSI C-scan imaging system for inspection of large areas and vessels. d) Pipe work corrosion inspection utilising Silverwing Pipescan MFL, acoustic emission, LSI and long range ultrasonic screening of pipe work using the latest generation G3 system from Guided Ultrasonic Limited. Our specialist trained engineers and operators provide a high quality, cost effective inspection service to meet the requirements of all international specifications. In addition to the provision of the above services we also offer:- i) After sales service for any Silverwing equipment including supply of spare parts and repairs. ii) Calibration and recertification service of Silverwing equipment to meet ISO 9000 Requirements. iii) Training and familiarisation including certification in the use of Silverwing equipment. iv) Rope access service as an alternative to remote access automated crawler systems. v) Recertification service on storage tanks using EEMUA 159, API 653, API 575 and API 579. vi) To supply a. Tank floor inspection equipment. b. Tank wall inspection equipment. c. Vacuum box testing systems. d. Ultrasonic testing equipment including ToFD and corrosion mapping probes.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Specialist Inspection Services
Ownership: Private