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Company Overview: Rotabolt

Company Information
Peartree Business Park Peartree Lane
West Midlands, OH DY2 0UW

Contact Information
Website: rotabolt.com
Phone: +44 1384 214442

Rotabolt tension control bolts and studs from EGC Enterprises allow you to accurately tighten and monitor fastener tension to within +/- 5% of your design clamp load by measuring and indicating the fasteners mechanical stretch. You can easily check and maintain fastener tension by simply twisting the Rotacap between thumb and forefinger. If it rotates the fastener need tightened. If it does not rotate, tension is correct. Rotabolt will greatly reduce the risk of joint failure due to fastener fatigue, vibration loosening or thermal cycling, and has proven durability in harsh environments worldwide. Fastener maintenance and installation cost savings up to 50% are not uncommon when using the Rotabolt over traditional tension indicators such as torque.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Fasteners, Seals and Gaskets
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 60