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Company Overview: Seal-Tite International

Company Information
Seal-Tite International
500 Deer Cross Drive
Madisonville, LA 70447

Contact Information
Website: www.seal-tite.com
Phone: 985-875-1292
Phone: 985-875-0687
Executive Contact: Neil Cary

Seal-Tite is a service company that provides leak repair services based on proprietary pressure activated sealant technology. This technology utilizes differential pressure across a leak site to cause a liquid sealant to polymerize into a flexible solid. This reaction occurs only at the leak site. Once the seal is formed, the remaining liquid sealant may be left in the system or flushed out. Since 1995, Seal-Tite has performed over 1200 leak repair operations worldwide. These repairs include surface controlled safety systems, wellheads, hangers, tubing, casing, pipelines/flowlines, downhole and subsea equipment, and microannulus leaks.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Leak Repair
Ownership: Private