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Company Overview: Premier GPS

Company Information
Premier GPS
2128 Pegasus Way NE
Calgary, T2E 8M5

Contact Information
Website: www.premier-gps.com
Phone: 295-8879

Premier GPS is a manufacturer and distributor of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) base/reference stations, real time positioning systems (RTP), GPS-based survey systems, GPS software, navigation and vehicle tracking systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Premier's specific field of expertise is in extracting real time accuracies of better than two centimeters from GPS signals received by non-classified, commercial GPS sensors, making it one of only a few worldwide that can accomplish such results. Premier is the only company currently marketing such systems based on low cost GPS sensors. Premier's Products Include: * Pegasus Trackers™: A series of real time wireless tracking systems. * Smart Servers™: A series of backend communications and mapping servers. * Kestrel™: A line of data loggers. * TrackerF2Plus™: Vehicle tracking software. * PM-ANI™: A wireless position reporting system for police. * PM-12™: A personnel and assets real time tracking system. * H-NAV™: Police helicopter navigation and tracking system. * VEGAS™: A video-based GIS system. * ACCU-SWATH™: A yield monitoring site-specific farming and guidance system. * VT-X-25: A road emergency, medical and navigation system. The Raptor Law Enforcement division of Premier GPS focuses on security and surveillance equipment for the law enforcement community.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: GPS Safety Systems
Ownership: Private