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Company Overview: Modcon Systems

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Modcon Systems
Modcon Systems Ltd
Akko, 24222

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Website: www.modcon-systems.com/
Phone: +972-49553955
Phone: +972-49553956

The philosophy behind the "All-in-One" Beacon System is that plant-wide, multi-stream, multi-property measurement and analysis can all be carried out by a single central system. This is accomplished by multiple process stream Field Units, situated anywhere in the plant, connected to the Main Analyzer housed in the Central Equipment Room. From light bulb and detector array to sample cell and digital communication, the Beacon 2000-II is a completely solid-state system - there are no moving parts. This makes it practically maintenance-free which translates into guaranteed up-time and lowest cost of ownership . Plus the system is completely modular - you can start by monitoring a single property of a single process stream. You can then effortlessly expand the system by adding on more Field Units and upgrading it to measure hundreds of properties.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Process Analyzers
Ownership: Private