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Company Overview: Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International

Company Information
Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International
1610 Greens Road, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77032

Contact Information
Website: www.drakamog.com
Phone: 281-645-7385
Phone: 774-235-2511

Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International is a division of Draka Cableteq. The division has 11 production facilities and distribution in all major offshore markets. With a strong focus on the Marine, Oil & Gas market, the division has more than 100 products available that meet the strict IEEE, IEC and NEK industry standards, abide by LRS, ABS, DNV, BV & GL rules and comply with US & Canadian Coast Guard regulations that govern the use of wire and cables. For more information about Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International, please visit www.DrakaMOG.com.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Wire & Cables
Ownership: Public